Friday, August 10, 2007

How is this body thing supposed to work?

I'm attempting to make a food journal here. I'm also going to log my activity, etc. And here's the thing that doesn't make sense. Even on the days that I think I'm eating so badly, it's not THAT bad and it doesn't equal the amount of weight I appear to be gaining. Have I fucked up my metabolism that much?


  1. I've used fitday on and off for years and I find that it's a huge help to me. Instead of using the fitday default calorie counts, I usually enter in the information from the nutrition label. Sometimes the variation is substantial. The other thing is portion size, but you know that already.

    One thing to remember is that the body aggregates. Today's weight is a reflection of my eating and lifestyle choices from the last month, not the last day or week. It's miserable for me, because I like instant feedback. The body does not work that way.

  2. I'm with Christine. I used Fitday (the download version) and entered in dozens if not a hundred custom foods. Worked great for me, but like Christine warns - the body provides a very slow feedback response. It will work, just takes dedication & patience. I know you have the dedication part . . .

  3. Thanks for sharing this site... I logged on just for curiosity and now an hour later, I'm signed up and so informed! Cool

    Hang in there... ditto to all what has been said before. Our bodies have a way of being days/months behind from where we are NOW.


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