Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Simon, the god of hairdos

smote me last night. I had the worst haircutting experience of my life. Of course, I committed the cardinal sin of getting a haircut when I'm anxious/pissed/ramped up. To ensure a good cut, one should only seek a haircut when one is pure of spirit.

I went to JKS International Salon where everything I said to the stylist was promptly and soundly ignored. "I want low maintenance hair. I've got great hair with a lot of body, but it doesn't do "sleek"." Result? She blew my hair out straight and then got out the flat iron - at which point I said WTF? Oh, and I looked REMARKABLY like Jane Jetson. Kay Bailey Hutchison Helmet Hair. "The hair on the top of my head is very long and thick and is flopping down in my face. We need to get some of the weight and volume out of it." Result? She took less than a half inch off. I could go on and on, as it was truly the most astounding experience I've ever had, and not in a good way. She finally admitted to not being able to cut curly hair. Oh, and after the first Jane Jetson experiment, she asked me to show her some pictures that I liked, so I did. Trust me when I tell you that the haircut that I am now sporting looks NOTHING like the pictures. NOTHING. The good thing was it seems that every picture I selected out of this national publication with hundreds of hairstyles came from a salon in Grapevine - Mortons/Moltons, something like that - and I can track it down based on that info. So the good news is that I may have found a really good place.

The bitch of it is, this salon is supposed to be one of the best in town, as voted by the local weekly. And the haircut wasn't all that pissed me off. My "stylist" and the next-door "stylist" we ragging on the "Christian" receptionist who would skip any rap song that came on the play loop. Now I am far, far from a ring-wing neo-con and I despise many things that have been said and done in the name of my God, but just because someone doesn't like music that generally denegrates and devalues women playing in a salon that generally caters to women doesn't make them "Christian" in the bad sense - "Christian" has nothing to do with it and failure to recognize that as a possiblity just makes the "stylists" assholes.

I haven't decided if I want to take this up with the management, sometimes the drama just isn't worth it.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be a cut above.



  1. I have been so blessed to have a fantastic hairdresser for the past 10 years. The girl I have here in EP is the same girl I went to when I lived here 10 years ago. She is thoughtful, funny and a fantastic stylist. I dreaded moving to Dallas, and losing her. I did have a few in-between's and then I met Bastien. He took care of me for the 7 years I lived in Dallas... I would love to recommend him to you for next time, but it makes me nervous too. He was great to me, but you just never know... He lives in FW now, but only does hair once a week in Dallas. He might be able to do a house call though... You can let me know if you find yourself empty handed next time and I will give you his contact info. He is fun as all hell and has always done a great job for me.

  2. I need to ammend this by saying that this was the best haircut I've ever had, as it turned out. It wears well and I've actually gone back.


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