Monday, August 20, 2007

Still Crazy busy after all these years....

Pebbles got moved into her new place this weekend, with NO help from her Mother. Thanks Guy! I went over to see the new digs on Sunday - what a cool, funky place. She's paying an arm and a leg for a small, small place, but it does fit her to a tee. I am hopeful she is happy there - she's less than a mile from her place of employment. So to celebrate not having to participate on Team Move, I took both she and her Guy out to breakfast on Sunday.

And then the beating commenced. She wanted to go to IKEA. I had never been, but was so excited to go. Jesus Lord above. Never, ever again. TORTURE. Nothing cheap is worth that price. I felt like I'd been beat with a hammer.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Know your limitations.


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  1. HA! Ikea's great, but it is an ass-whoopin isn't it? Put wine in the fridge before you leave for Frisco.


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