Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beck Diet Solution: Day 5 Round 2

Eat slowly and mindfully.

I'm still not very good at this. The part that I am getting better at is finishing my food and thinking that I'm still hungry and telling myself to give my body some time to know it's full. It's still not unusual for me to never put down a utensil even once after I pick them up to start eating a meal. I think the appropriate term is scarfing. I don't eat, I inhale. I will attempt to match my pace with Bick's, who is a very slow and deliberate eater. I need to learn to savor the food and experience - this isn't a race!


Even though I got a good workout at lunch yesterday, I stopped at the Jesus Gym on the way home and did an upper-body weight lifting workout. I hadn't lifted in a while and it felt pretty good. This semester's exercise classes are heavy on yoga and pilates and that just isn't going to get me where I need to be, so I'm trying to figure out how to get it all in.

The really great thing about stopping by at the gym, even though I'd had a full exercise session at lunch was the discussion I had with myself - based upon something C had said basically about doing something today that will make tomorrow easier. That really struck a chord with me. No, I didn't need to lift weights yesterday, I'd already had my workout, but if I did that, boy was I going to feel good about having done it - both for the rest of the evening and into today. Do something today that will make tomorrow easier. I'm all for making things easier.

I was thinking about that very thing on my way in this morning in terms like "What am I willing to sacrifice today to make myself feel like a million bucks tomorrow? What would it take? How long would it take?"

Today I go to restorative yoga class at lunch. This will be my one bendy/stretchy class and I just love being in the same room with the instructor. She has such a great energy. And I know that sounds all new-agey/crunchy granola/Stephenville and stuff, but she really does just make me feel good when I walk into the studio.

Didn't overeat last night. Ate what I'd planned to. Stayed on/below calorie counts for the day.

I reviewed my calendar on fitday for the month. I've been doing a pretty damned fine job of getting in some forced exercise almost everyday. I haven't been perfect, but I'll take it.

Based upon two recommendations inside of three days - one from Suz and one from another friend who swears by the stuff, I went out and bought some black cohosh in the form of Remiprinifemin - or some such. I took it last night and again this morning as directed. We'll see how I do on it. I suspect it takes a while to work.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get bent.


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