Friday, January 25, 2008

Beck Diet Solution: Day 7, Round 2

Arrange your environment.

I still do a pretty decent job of this. I make it as easy as possible on myself to stay away from foods that are very tempting for me. It is still a battle, however, between my frugal nature and my fat ass. We seldom bring bread into the house, as it is a serious trigger for me, so when Sandy is coming over, I try to buy bread in the smallest possible portions and then grind up whatever is left for breadcrumbs. Thank god Bick doesn't demand a lot of snacky stuff around. He doesn't even LIKE baked sweets, etc. So the bottom line is that I can't use anyone else as an excuse. My house is as good as it gets - it's not the problem, I'm the problem.

Sleep is still a problem. I've been sleeping, with the aid of chemistry, but it leaves me very groggy and aching for a sugar fix, which is well outside the normal range for me. I did do some research the other day and found that I suffer from what the Buddhists call "monkey brain". Once I read the description, I almost laughed out loud. It exactly explains what my mind is like during those fitful hours between 2 and 4 am. Hopping from one thing to another, just like a bunch of monkeys in a stand of trees. I also learned how to use some of my limited meditation techniques to help stop it. I'm hopeful that I can get this back under control. It has been some better, although with vast room for improvement.

I've got the day off today, waiting for the lovely Meg to land for a day-long visit. Then tomorrow, it's off to Dallas and the long-awaited Van Halen concert. Followed by brunch at Fearing's on Sunday morning. Ma and Pa Kettle dine at the Ritz! I'm looking forward to it.

On Sunday, Bick and I will choose our beach cabin for our week/vacation/music at Crystal Beach in April. We've got a couple of places picked out. We've shelved our plans for Taos and decided to head to the gulf instead. I've never really been to that part of the country, and it's been a few years since Bick has been back. He was born and spent some of his early years and then returned to go to college in that part of the state, so we are going to pack up the dog and spend a week in April walking the beach, crabbing, listening to music and revisiting Bick's old haunts.

Sparkles: none to mention. Gah.

Cavelettis: Get my butt back to the gym. After such a great start to January, I've just tanked.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Valet Park.


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  1. Ohhh, I can't wait to hear all about it, what you thought. Did you rock it like it was 1982 or what?


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