Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beck Diet Solution: Day 9, Round 2

Select an exercise plan.

There is a part of me that is so pissed off at the physical education system in our public schools. I hope to god it has changed over the years - it left me, a clumsy, heavy kid with such an extreme distaste for exercise that it took me twenty-five plus years to develop, if not a love, at least an understanding and acceptance of the good exercise does for one's health and well-being. I'm hoping that the focus has shifted from competitive crap (dodgeball? wtf?) to fitness as a lifestyle for the girls coming behind me. All of that isn't to say that I wasn't fit as a child/teenager because I was. I broke horses, I bucked bales and did a lot of manual labor - I was strong and toned, just not skinny. I played tennis in high school - certainly wasn't fast foot-speed wise, but very, very powerful. I was not graceful or bendy or fast and hated every second of every PE class I ever had.

So decades later, here I am. I guess I started exercising about four years ago, as an attempt to spend time with MerryWidowNowNewlywed as her then-husband was dying of cancer. Turned out, that with a different goal and focus - just to spend time with her, I backed my way into fitness. Then came the running, of which I am very proud and now the not-running, which I am struggling with. I'm trying to find a new definition of success as I struggle with a kindler, gentler, but consistent form of exercise and the way my body has changed now that I'm not pushing it so hard. Balance. Balance. Balance.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take a walk.


Sparkles: Went to the gym twice yesterday. Did some elliptical, treadmill and threw some iron around at the Jesus Gym last night. On tap for today, a spin class and maybe just some treadmill work at the JG, as the spin class usually kicks my ass.

Ate well yesterday. Avoided the cookie plate that someone brought into the office yesterday afternoon.

Huge damn sparkle: Best night of sleep I've had in ages - two nights in a row of decent sleep.

What appears to be working:

black cohosh seems to have stopped/slowed my night sweats. Thank you Suz and your super-smart kiddo.
earplugs - always wear the damn earplugs. Yes, I miss going to sleep listening to tv, but so what. Be an adult. Wear the damn earplugs.
Midnight meditation to calm the monkey brain. Just recognizing this and practicing some deep breathing/meditation techniques seems to have helped.

Cavelettis: Spat with Mom over money. Says my bank shorted her and that she should have more money than she does. I just flat don't believe her. She's got what she's got. Told her again to get her own accounts.


  1. Enter a race - that will get you running again. If you do it with a running pal, that will make it even easier. I always enter a March half marathon. That keeps me training during the terribly cold and snowy (for me) winter months. Since you're in Texas, it's primo running time!

  2. Woo hoo! Great job on resisting that cookie plate!!!

  3. Sleep is a good thing! Email me if you want The Kid's work details. She is a smarty-pants. Tons of CM customers just love her.


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