Monday, January 21, 2008

Is it Monday?

Where did my weekend go? We ended up with dinner company Saturday and Sunday night, with Bick's sister staying with us Sunday night. She's still here - Bick didn't get the day off today, so he hit the trail bright and early and I'm just sitting here waiting for her to wake up so that I can get on with my day. I didn't mean that as bitchy for I am glad she came to visit. We had a nice enough visit, lovely dinner and played board games, which was nice. It's just that I had my long weekend all planned out, including time home alone without Bick and her visit happened to change my plans. Oh well.

Still not sleeping. I'm going back to the store to try one more OTC solution and then I'm off to the docs to get a script before I let myself get too far in the hole. I've been troubled for well over a month and I can let my lack of sleep and anxiety really get me in more trouble if I don't watch it.

Passed my two-year anniversary of quitting smoking over the weekend. I continue to remain hopeful that this time I've got it licked. This quit certainly feels different than the two other long term quits that I had before this one. And this is the longest quit I've had. So, go me. I think statistically I'm still facing a 20% chance of contracting COPD, which, according to a NYT article I read a month or so ago, affects women at a much higher rate than men. Also, the article predicted a surge in lung cancers/diseases in women in the coming years as women of my generation move into elderly status. It's a bitch what we've done and continue to do to ourselves. The best I can do is to try to be as healthy as possible to try to counteract what may already be in the cards for me based upon my thirty years of smoking.


Stayed on plan on Saturday. Not so on Sunday and not so today. Exhaustion has my trying to grab any energy from any source possible. Sigh.

I've going out to Reata South at some point today - I'm sure that will be stress filled. I've got to don my teflon t-shirt and just do the best I can. I want to spend time with Mom, but it's tough sometimes as it tends to push all my buttons.

Take good care of yourself. That's it, just take good care of yourself. Everything else really is secondary.



  1. I smoked 2 packs a day for over 20 years, then quit. About 10 years after quitting, spouse & I decided to get CT scans of our heart & lungs, just as a "wellness status" sort of thing. Anyway, upon review of the scan with the doc, he said my lungs looked like those of a non-smoker. So stay the course, not only do you smell better but you did the best thing you can do for your health.

  2. Congrats on the quit! 2 years is a great accomplishment.

  3. wow - 2 years! Definitely worth a sparkle for you. :D



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