Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mid-weekend review

Yesterday was a very productive day. We took SadieLou for a long walk on Saturday morning to an area that we hadn't walked before. She saw her first emu - it was the funniest thing - you could almost see her little dog brain trying to process what the hell that thing was. Bick and I wished for a camera, as she was was just so confused and didn't no whether to be aggressive, as this weird thing was going to eat us or just tuck her tail and run. She changed her mind about every 15 seconds.

We came home and decided to finish painting the den and hang the new drapes. That is until Bick looked out the kitchen window to see water bubbling up out of the ground. Water line break. So, the rest of the morning was spent digging up and repairing a water break. Actually, as those things go, this was the way for it to happen. He practically saw it happen, it was a daytime and it was a nice enough day. We did finish painting the other accent wall in the den and I put up the new drapes, but I'm just so-so on them. They are pretty and look very nice, but maybe are just a skosh too fancy for that room. But when you are trying to decorate around a Victorian-era fainting couch, too fancy may be just right.

It seems that Sandy has adjusted her spring schedule to generally follow my suggestions and has been in communication with her dad, so I guess that is the most positive news we could get at this point.

I've got a pan of flax seed flatbread in the oven this morning. After hearing all the magical menopausal symptom curing properties of flax seed, I bought some and will try it to see how it works. I ground up some to sprinkle on my yogurt yesterday morning and if I can create something that even remotely resembles bread, that would be awesome. I have a friend at work with a friend with gluten allergies (celiac?) and so I said I'd save her a piece to try. It just came out of the oven and it smells good, so we'll see. My guess is that it will be better later in the day.

Bick and I are going to make another run at church attendance today. We both feel there is something missing in our spiritual practice and so we are checking out some options - although my understanding (and hope) is that this church is very different than what we were used to as kids.

Then it's off to the stock show to get our farmer on and eat food on a stick. Yee Haw. Both Bick and I come from FFA, 4H, ag backgrounds - he worked and showed beef cattle and I did the horse thing and a person can only go so long without walking through a barn. The weather should cooperate and since the Cowboys play today, we should have the place pretty much to ourselves. If we don't poop out, we are planning to drop into the White Elephant to see RayWylieHubbard this evening. Music starts at 7 and there is no opening act - perfect for old farts like us!

I'm still struggling a bit with the carport decision at the Mango Hut. I need to spend some time putting all of this stuff in writing to establish a decision-making paradigm so that each time something comes up, I know what I need to do and my priorities are well-established and documented. The carport is kind of a tough one. She knew I didn't have a carport/garage when she moved out there and we talked about her putting something portable/temp up. Now she's decided that the neighbor should build it (for FOUR cars) and I should pay for it, after all, it is an improvement to my property and she says she can't afford it. And I could probably afford it - or at least figure a way to pay for it - but she will just blow her money on something else. She could have already paid for one, but she chose to get a wide-screen tv instead. So I would just end of feeling resentful when I paid for the carport and she bought the next big stupid thing that she couldn't afford. Gah.

I realize that I only have a few good years left with her and I don't want them to be strife-filled, but that doesn't mean that I can just give in to her wishes or I will be miserable. I'm not trying to be controlling here, but I'm trying to not be controlled either. Aah, balance, that very illusive thing.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Pet a cow.


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  1. Not sure how you're feeing about this, but my brother put up a carport/canopy thing for his extra cars. "Build" is not the word I'd use. It's non-permanent and he's in hurricane country, so he has a plan for wind. Shall I check on it?


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