Thursday, January 10, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished

"I'm pissed off at my dad. It's not fair that I have to stay in (hometown) and go to CCname. All my friends got to go away to school where they wanted. He should have planned better to pay for my college where I wanted to go."


  1. You were right... This is painful to read.

    I heard something similar last summer from my nephew who thought his parents should have planned better. (even though he ended up getting a loan from MY dad to help pay for him to LIVE IN NYC and go to college) I was NOT sympathetic at all seeing as I PAID for myself to go to college. It took me 10 years and $40,000 in student loans to make it happen, but shit, I got it done. Parents paying for college for their kids is NOT a God given right. I feel bad for Bick. He should NOT feel guilty whatsoever!

  2. She doesn't have to go to CCname. She can pay her own way.

    Right now she's angry and ashamed of herself. I wouldn't take anything she says too personally. It like a child telling you she's going to run away and join the circus.

    In your head you can respond that her dad could be throwing money away much faster at a more expensive school. In your head you can say that.

  3. Not knowing anything other than what you've blogged, I do know this . . . one day that child will realize just how selfish and self centered she was when she uttered those words. Life can be a bitch for sure but this is nothing compared to the road ahead of her!

    If she's not willing to apply herself, save your money and let her pay her own way to someplace else. If it's any comfort, she has plenty of company with her attitude. The generation of parents who wanted to give their children "everything" resulted in children who got the impression that they deserved to have everything. Ain't no free rides in this world and we all have to learn it one way or another. Good luck! Oh, BTW, I love your blog.

  4. ugh, how awful for you.

    but on the other hand, I know at 18 (19? 20?) I was a selfish little twit & didn't appreciate my parents much. hopefully she'll grow up a little and get her act together.



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