Saturday, January 5, 2008


The insomnia continues. Bleh. This is about day four or five where I've gotten just three to four hours of sleep. None of this bodes well for my ability to get through the day in a safe and sane manner.

Today promises to suck mightily, as the whole Bick-Sandy school/grades issue looks like it's coming to a head. I think I'll try to duck and cover. Bick and I stayed up till nearly 2 am talking about options with a plan to discuss more today. He's actively asking for advice and I don't have any personal experience with this. This kind of thing was never an issue with Pebbles and me. I think there is a lot of past baggage tied up in this between he, Sandy and his ex - none of which I can fix. The good news is that he's acknowledging that he's really conflicted and is talking/working his way through it, wanting to do the best thing. I just don't know what the best thing is. I just need to keep good boundaries in place for this one - give the best advice I can muster when asked and don't develop any personal stake in the outcomes. They own this, not me. I did bring up the option of some counseling for he and Sandy and he's open to it - I just don't know that she is. But that's something for them/him to consider.

Hurdles: Know that I am more fragile than usual because of exhaustion. Be mindful of that fact as I move through the day. Eat what I've planned, get some exercise and perhaps the knowledge that I'm not strong will be enough to keep me from being sucked into a vortex of, well, suck and unhealthy behavior.

Credits: Went to the Jesus Gym. Ran 2 miles. Actually, I went shopping beforehand and tried on a million things that no longer look nice on lumpy me. It didn't really depress me, which surprised me, but it did inspire me just a skosh. Came home to an empty house, but I stayed on my eating plan. Go me.

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  1. Ugh. So sorry for the insomnia. That just blows. I'm very impressed that you ran two miles and stayed on plan despite your continuing fatigue. Go you, indeed.


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