Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Accidental Valentinist

I am having a deeply peaceful, deeply wonderful weekend. So many blessings to count - for things big and small.

Where to begin? Saturday started with an open AA meeting - while it's not my program, my sponsor suggested I attend. Pretty amazing experience. Following that, I met up with Bick and we headed out to Poolville. Wonderful lunch and visit with our friends. Talia and I girled up and walked through the woods (the live on a lot of wooded acreage in a very secluded area), visited and started planning the Nova Scotia trip. Talia has been before and has some interesting ties to the area.

While out there, we also saw the rural internet working with the n3tflx streaming dvd thingy and Bick decided it was a must have. And so when we got back into town, he headed off to the electronics store to get one. He decided that he would hook it up here for the weekend so we could use it on Saturday night. And while in the process of hooking it up, discovered that while my tv has the necessary slots to plug in whatever, his tv does not. So this great deal wouldn't work on his set up. I suggested we just box it back up and return it and he said "Not after I've gone to the trouble to set it all up. Happy Valentine's Day." So now I've got streaming n3tflx options so I may never be productive again!

Today we did our usual Sunday morning routine of, well, Sunday Morning.
I used a Groupon and treated us to a great breakfast with fabulous bacon at a local cafe and then we went to look at houses. Nothing do Bick but we get out and explore and he was able to point out some real down sides to the house I had liked initially and some real pluses on another option for just a skosh more dollars. He headed off back home and I hopped on Cha-Cha for a ride! Temperature? 76 degrees. It was fully made of awesome.

I rode Cha-Cha over to look at the Corner House. It's about three blocks from the Park House. It really does have a lot more to offer that Park House. Funny thing, one of my best friends had already pointed out Corner House to me. I'd already scheduled both places on my review for tomorrow, so I'm anxious to see inside. Corner House has some "interesting" elements. I don't know how they will look in real life.

And speaking of being on the same page - as you know, my Valentine to Bick spoke of bacon. His Valentine card to me contained the wording on the badge. Bacon synchronicity.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Bacon. Just Bacon.


badge: etsy


  1. You are going to have so much fun with the streaming thingy. You know how you asked for recommendations for songs? You should do the same for what you can watch on that thing. The whole world is open to you now!

    And just so you know, I just told Mr. Helen that I'm buying him a t-shirt that says "I love you more than bacon."

  2. Is that a Roku box? We just got one of those for the TV and love it!

  3. I'm interested in your reference to the "meeting". Can I ask what is your program? I've had some experience with OA. Long and complicated history.

  4. I definitely have always had a love affair with bacon. As Emeril says, "It's a pork fat thing."


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