Friday, February 25, 2011

Ebbs and Flows

I am working myself back into my routine, gently and easily. Yesterday was a restorative yoga day. If you don't practice yoga, consider trying it again with a different instructor. I find this class is such a great way to get back in touch with my body, if that makes any sense. The mindful practice of poses and paying attention to the breath is such a centering experience. Not much of a calorie burn for me, the way I practice it, but the benefits are many.

Foodwise, when I'm coming back into balance, I go for the lean sources of protein. A protein-centric diet helps me to get rid of the inflammation and bloat brought on by too many non-nutrition grade carbohydrates. By Thursday, I was actually sore all over - joints were sore, hands hurt and I just felt swollen and achy - all from too many junk carbs. It will take another couple of days of clean eating to restore me to my former self. When I'm feeling the after-effects of junky eating, my energy level tanks. I am hoping to get in a good workout of some sort on Saturday morning. I did hit the treadmill while in Atlanta, but as the old saw goes "you can't out-train a bad diet". Boy, do I know that. Throw in travel-gut, and I felt like the Titanic, just taking on water. I am glad to be able to turn that around. Just another couple of days!

Not a lot on the agenda. Tonight is totally free. I hope to get back to a regular sleep pattern soon. Tired isn't helping my cause. I may pop out to Reata South to see the final product on the kitchen before it gets covered up again. I'm in a awkward place with the family and rather than avoid, I just need to push through - with safeguards, of course.

The weekend brings another meeting, some outdoor exercise (hopefully) and then it's up to Bick's. Sandy has invited us to Sunday lunch (and also announced she is going back to college) and then I'm having dinner with Barbie on Sunday night. I will need to prepare and adjust for that.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Go with the flow.



  1. I so agree - if you don't like yoga, try a different class and instructor. The one I finally liked, last winter, was an instructor who taught my strength class and the yoga was more along those lines, less zen. One day she had a sub and I hated every minute:(

  2. So interesting about the effect carbs have on you. The only time I really carb up is prior to a race and then I do want to retain water somewhat but I can't say I've been 'bloated.' Yet, at the end of a race when I'm asked what I want to eat, I always want a big steak because I'm so sick of carbs.

    Sounds like your weekend is just the ticket to get you back on track. Enjoy!

  3. I have been doing a 20-min AM Yoga practice almost every morning since February 1. At one time I used to view yoga as one more way to fix myself...that it might be the magic solution. And so I didn't do it that often. Now that I don't see it that way, I LOVE it. If I want to really work my body? Kettlebells or kickboxing or a run. Yoga is for relaxing, stretching and getting in touch with my whole self.

  4. I'm discovering that carbs have the same effect on me - swollen and achy. I've been making some protein shakes lately and the added protein is helping me not want carbs. My new fav flavor is "Fuzzy Navel."

    Your weekend sounds fun. Good for Sandy for wanting to go to school.

  5. I love your blog. I am about your age and I find the only way I can maintain my weight is by a diet based on Protiens, vegtables, fruits and nuts. If I get into bread, sugar or processed foods the bloating, joint pains.....all kick in. I particularly saw the change in my 40's and at 50 I hit a point where I had to really watch what I ate because of the impact it has on me physically and emotionally. If my eating gets into processed junk food I really find myself depressed and once I clean up the food, I realize that is what caused it. I love reading your journey and can so relate to everything. Keep writting.


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