Saturday, February 12, 2011

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Not enough continuity to make a thematic post, so this is a bit of everything.

Ellen asked how I managed to stay on the elliptical for two hours and not be bored out of my gourd? "Hi, my name is Roxie and I am a HGTV addict". I don't have cable tv and I rarely watch tv at all. Now I'm not trying to be all highbrow and Prius-er than thou - I spend my time numbing my brain on the internet. TV doesn't do enough to promote shorter attention spans. So when I go to my gym here at The Closet, I can turn on cable tv and indulge in a little HGTV love. And I am sort of have Hs and Gs on my brain lately, again.

I've contracted yet another realtor (fingers crossed) and am going to look at about three houses on Monday. One that I am really interested in - the other two, not so much. We will call it Park House. As it is one block from a park that connects by trails to my normal biking trail. This house is priced right - but that may be a red flag - is pretty non-descript, but appears to be a lower maintenance property. The really big deal is that it is a house in a location that would help promote an active lifestyle for me.

The truth is, on my quest for fitness and health, almost any little thing can and will become an obstacle. Several people have suggested keeping Clementine Peddleford chained up in the parking garage and out of The Closet. The truth is, I wouldn't ride nearly as much! Out of sight, out of mind and those extra steps to go get her each time I thought about riding would deter me. That is just how lazy I am. So in determining my priorities, at least for the short-term, I want a house that defends me from myself. So we will see. I'm taking in a couple of open houses on Sunday as well.

After the last fiasco, I am trying to do a better job of managing my expectations. Plus, I don't love, love, love this house the way I did that one. It's not nearly as cute, but it is solid.

I've got a busy day ahead of me today. I've got a meeting to go to, shopping for a washer and dryer and then out to Poolville with Bick. I've already put together our hostess gift - I bought some mini-scones and some artisan raspberry jam to put in a basket that Bick is bringing me. Plus I've got some dates, some french sea-salted carmels (lord how I want these) and a few other tidbits to add in. I've made my bow, packaged each little thing for maximum cuteness and all I have to do is arrange the stuff in the basket.

Other orts:

The soft restaurant open was here. A soft opening is when a new restaurant is opening and wants to train their staff in a production environment, so they issue invites to friends and family and in my case, residents of the building. The meal is usually comped or heavily, heavily discounted. In this case, your first margarita was free, along with the food. Since I opted for coffee, my entire experience was gratis, except for the tip, of course.

And that's all the news I've got. Busy week with more office packing. Bick and I are seeing this guy, next Saturday eh, followed by dinner in Big D somewhere. I'll love it, Bick will be itchy in the big city. We haven't decided where to go as of yet, but I've got my eye on a couple of places. Then I fly out to Atlanta for a conference for four days. Which reminds me, I need to get to the dry cleaners today!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Know yourself. Act accordingly.



  1. I love HGTV! I think my favorites are all the various house hunting ones. I have been logging a lot more time on my cardio equipment and I MUST have a good show to watch or a good book to read. Yesterday I did half of each.

  2. Aha, so now we know your secret! HGTV is good stuff - that is always my go-to channel when I have a mindless task (laundry folding, filing, gift wrapping) to complete.

    I got so excited about suggesting music for you that I missed your house hunting in yesterday's post - I so agree, location is HUGE, and it would be awesome to live amid an active-lifestyle-mindset area (if that makes sense). Have a great day!

  3. Another HGTV fan here... It's good to have some diversion when performing less than stimulating tasks.

    House hunting can be a daunting prospect, but at the same time, it's exciting. Being in the midst of an active lifetyle situation is appealing. Good luck and enjoy your day!

  4. I lived with HGTV on when I built my house.... Awesome. Fun to get creative input!

  5. I'm discovering the joys of watching reruns on my laptop while on the treadclimber, it does help the time pass. I'll have to check out HGTV!! :)

  6. I'm another HGTV addict - my favorites are House Hunters, Real Estate Intervention, and Sell This House (about staging).

    I used to do an hour on a treadmill, as long as I had either a new Oprah magazine or a good book. I let my gym membership lapse because it was $80 / month. I hope to join a much cheaper one that is also closer - in the spring.

    Good luck with house hunting. I remember well the house you didn't get. Your next home is out there waiting for you - maybe you'll unexpectedly find it Monday.

  7. Now, I completely understand. I don't have cable, either. If I could go somewhere and veg out while watching HGTV (my fave cable station as well) I'd probably never get off the darned thing.
    Also (and I know this will sound silly) but the hostess gift basket you're making up is a breath of fresh air. I didn't know anyone still did things like that (other than me). People around here don't and they don't send out thank-you cards, either which I was ALWAYS taught to. You're quite a classy act, Roxie :)

  8. I'm jealous about the Red Green outing! It would so be worth putting up with the city for. Am watching an old one right now on our PBS station. Enjoy!


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