Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flexing My Muscle

Another one of those situations that I hate/dread/create anxiety around has cropped up. I negotiated a new lease rate sometime back and it takes effect this month. I couldn't remember exactly how much it was, so I went back and looked at the lease papers. And it is wrong on the papers. And I signed it. So today, I get to go back to the man I dealt with for the negotiations and hope he remembers this. And yes, I did sign it. So, I may be SOL. All of this triggers my "awfulizing" character defect BIG TIME.

So the muscle I need to be flexing is my problem solving muscle - not my big, bad, bold, brassy muscles - those actions don't get me to what I want. Problem solving skills do. So I just need to sit in this for a bit until the office opens so that I can go in and talk to them about it.

I've already been through one set of rolling electricity blackouts this morning so I am kind of scared to even leave, as I'm unsure of how my key fobs will work to let me back into the building should I leave. I do think I'll wait until other businesses in the area are open in case something happens and I can't get back in. I'd hate to be stranded out in this weather for any length of time.

I am also practicing not saying "I told you so" this morning. Bick and I had a discussion about pipes freezing and keeping water running. He doesn't do it - says that it is an "old wives' tale". I say old wives or not, better safe than sorry. We were having this discussion last night, as I am concerned about Reata South and the water still being turned off to the kitchen sink, as there is no counter top/sink yet installed. His advice was just to make sure that all the cupboard doors were open and with no countertop on, that area would be even warmer. He assured me that running water to prevent pipes freezing is just a myth. Myth or no, his pipes are frozen this morning while Reata South (where the water was kept trickling) seems to be perking along just fine. Of course, this whole deal is far, far from over. Obviously, I'm on another snow day today and bored out of my gourd.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Old wives' are sometimes right.



  1. I happen to agree with both you AND Bick. When we get subzero around here, cupboards get opened and water is trickled. Hang in there - at least where you live you know this bad weather won't last very long!

  2. I had to practically fight with Jeff to get him to put the faucet covers on yesterday...what IS IT with men and this freezing pipe business? I finally had to pull the "you will never hear the end of this if they freeze/burst" and because he knows me so well, he clomped out and put them on. :)

    Hope the lease man is reasonable with you today...good luck with that.

  3. We open cupboards for really cold weather, but don't often trickle water.

    Hope you get the lease thing worked out.

  4. It's SO tempting to pull the "I told you so" card when it comes up. Kudos to you for keeping the thoughts to yourself. I'm not so sure I'd be so kind to my hubby - hate to admit that.

    Re: your negotiated rent situation - I have a good friend in AA who used to power his way through intimidation etc. Now he said that when he's told "no" or some other unsatisfactory response, he'll say, "Can you suggest what I can do in that case? Or direct me to someone who could help?" It's such a kinder and gentler way of handling situations. Good luck with yours!

  5. definitely trickle water in very cold weather. and if the power goes out drain the water system.


  6. One other alternative is to move up north where we regularly have temperatures well into the minus Fahrenheit range and we don't get the freezy pipe business. Gotta be a house construction style difference.

    To add substance to the trickle of water camp - I keep my pond pump running all winter - through a 2" diameter hose laying on the ground. We've been down around -10 twice this winter and it never froze. Of course, I was running a teensy bit more than a trickle through it, but moving water is definitely harder to freeze.


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