Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just For The Halibut

The restaurant was wonderful! I think it will become a "go to" place for me. It's not Tex-Mex - it was much lighter and fresher-tasting. I was truly pleased with my ability to navigate a Mexican restaurant menu, have a wonderful meal and still eat sensibly. Again, I used coffee as a shield against chips and hot sauce. I ordered it immediately upon being seated and somehow it made me nearly immune to the siren call of the salty, fried tortilla. I did have a few chips between courses, but I did not eat the whole basket before even starting my meal.

The special soft-opening menu was a four course meal. I opted for ceviche as my appetizer. I want to like ceviche, I really do. I continue to order it and I continue to be disappointed. Until last night. Last night, the ceviche was exactly how I thought it should be. Fresh, clean, spicy and not so acidic as to be inedible. It was wonderful. And a really light start to the meal. I opted out of the soup/salad course and went straight to the main course.

For my entree, I chose the seafood poblano. It's not on the menu listed above, as that is for the cafe in Dallas. This restaurant has a slightly more upmarket menu, I think. The seafood poblano is a seafood mixture - shrimp, scallops and red fish (I think) seasoned with herbs and stuffed into a baked poblano pepper. The pepper is plated on rice (which I did not eat) and surrounded by a spicy, slightly creamy red sauce. The dish did not have a any cheese nor was it overloaded with heavy cream sauce. It was flavorful and wonderful and light.

It was so light that I opted for dessert - tres leches cake, of which I ate about 1/3. It was absolutely divine. It was all wonderful and FREE! The staff sure got a trial by fire, as the place filled up pretty quickly. I tipped well and left feeling very, very satisfied, but not stuffed.

I've had several restaurant meals in the past few days and I feel very good about my choices. I had dessert at two meals - either leaving a goodly portion of it, or sharing with five other diners as I did with Sunday's bread pudding.

I came home from dinner and had an Aleve chaser. My TNT (tighten and tone) class on Monday was a killer and Tuesday's spin class was lung burner. I'm sore right now and have another TNT class on tap for Wednesday - which may be another ice day (yes, I'm writing this on Tuesday night, which may explain why the tenses might be askew). I will know on Wednesday morning if I got hit with a sodium bump and an ice day, both of which are possible, if not probable.

If I get another ice day, then I will try to venture over to the gym for some treadmill/elliptical and some cable tv. This time my fridge is much better stocked, so no more olives and frozen fish. I'll have proper food this time. I have, however, given up cream in my home coffee due to the great ice storm of eleven. Turns out, I don't even miss it that much. Oh, and I am enjoying drinking my Sleepytime tea as my nightcap, as recommended by commenters. It just puts a nice bookend on the day.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Order the fish. Just for the halibut.



  1. I'm not a seafood lover, but how nice to hear that you had such a good, well-managed (no basket of chips! no rice!) meal - you are proof that one CAN dine out and still maintain!

    Ice up there, and apparently ice is coming down here this morning. So.over.winter.

  2. Im a hugggge sealover.
    as is my child.
    for now.
    till kindergarten :) when she learneth from her peers that poached salmon on salad isnt the, uh, five year old norm :)

  3. So glad you enjoyed everything. There are certain months where I don't set foot in a restaurant, then all of a sudden it seems like I'm in one constantly.
    This month is especially hard because we have 4 birthdays in our family and everyone seems to always want to either go out to eat or have lots of cake. Always glad when February is over.

  4. I want to like ceviche too. But I don't so I stopped ordering it :-) I'm picky about seafood... tend to avoid the slimy things. The poblano sounds great though. I hope the restaurant is a success as it would be nice for the neighborhood to have something other than a chimichanga.

    Great strategy with the coffee - that would make me avoid chips and salsa too I think.

  5. How smart to use coffee like that! I need to remember that little tip. I have a restaurant meal coming up this weekend and admit that I'd rather just stay home. Pathetic. I hope I can do as well as you did:)

  6. I agree with Karen - what a great use for coffee, which I always love. That's a keeper. Sounds like you negotiated the minefield very well. I forgot to ask yesterday - what's a "soft opening"? And also, I'll have to google Ceviche - being a restaurant snob I should know, but I don't. Your meal sounds great.

  7. I've been to several soft openings - love it! And I have tried civeche several times, but like you its been overly acidic - glad this one worked out!

    BRILLIANT idea to order coffee right off the bat! I am definitely trying that, as the chip basket is my nemisis!

  8. Did you mention the name of the restaurant and I missed it?

    Polar's Mom

  9. I keep doing that with fish. I really *want* to like it, but it is too fishy LOL!

    Your dinner description sounded absolutely yummy.

  10. tres leches cake and advil - aleeve!
    heaven! and coffee! wow!


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