Friday, February 11, 2011

Name That Tune

I just had an offer for 5 free iTune downloads and I think I'm going to take advantage of it. I just don't know which 5 songs to choose. That's where you come in. Give me your top five play list for exercising. I need to create a new playlist for my spin time with Cha-Cha and Trainer Joe. Give me something that will have me moving and grooving!

My office is being remodeled yet AGAIN. So today I am unloading my files and packing everything up to be ready for Tuesday. I'll be in a conference room with six other people for the next six weeks. Sigh. Oh, and I'll be right next to the office kitchen. Think good thoughts for me. This will be tough.

I'm off to Half-Price books after work to try to find some travel books to Nova Scotia, as the first planning meeting kicks off tomorrow.

I'm waffling between gym at lunch and lunch with a friend. I should go to the gym, as I did not spin this morning. But I am working on a more active social life, so there is that - finding the balance is tough. Tomorrow morning I'll shoot for an early trip to the gym, followed by a meeting, shopping for a washer and dryer and then out to visit and plan. I plan on attending a couple of open houses on Sunday, as I'm just about over getting snakebit over that last real estate fiasco.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get jiggy with it.



  1. HI Roxie!
    I love the Rocky songs like 'Eye of the Tiger' and i also like Lady Gaga and Pink to work out to.

  2. I'm a big U2 fan..."Magnificent", "New year's Day" "gloria"

    Music by band republica has a fast beat.

    Lush is an 90's band but they have a song that I ride intervals to and when you hear them it will remind you of riding a bike " Deluxe" and "sweetness and light"

  3. Forget You (the Glee cast version, NOT the Cee Lo version)
    Bandstand Boogie (Barry Manilow)

    Those are my top two to get me moving. Other favorites are:

    Kick a Little (Little Texas)
    Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)
    Rock and Roll Band (Boston)

    Eclectic taste? That would be me, lol!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I like "Bicycle" by Livingston Taylor and "Objects in the Mirror" by Skinny Songs. Have a great weekend. Kim

  5. Lady Gaga IS a good one: Teeth.
    And HyperCrush: Boom Box.
    Both from spending waaay too much time in Oak Lawn this summer!

  6. I like to start off with some lower tempo stuff to warm up:

    Alan Jackson "Having A Good Time"
    Timbaland with Justin Timberlake "Carry Out"

    Then pump it up a bit:

    Carl Carlton "She's A Bad Mama Jama"
    La Roux "Bulletproof"
    Chris Brown "Yeah 3X"

    And I totally would have said Forget You the Glee Version, but Shelley beat me to it!

  7. I just downloaded Pink's "Raise Your Glass" the other day. Right now, it's my favorite tune. Although the version I downloaded is "explicit." If you're not into that, I presume there is a clean version since they play it all the time on the radio.

    I've got a list of about 30 songs I use when I'm on the treadmill, I can send you the whole list if you'd like.

  8. When I was running, I was a slow runner but I could run forever to John Mellancamp's Human Wheels (also Paper In Fire!

    I also like: Bon Jovi's It's My Life, All The Small Things by Blink 182, anything by Billy Idol, What I Like About You by The Romantics, Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It by Will Smith, Run For Life by Melissa Etheridge, Hey Ya by Outkast, Say Hey by Michael Franti...

    SO many!!

  9. It's very corny... but I swear when I hear "Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the Fur (Acutally titled Low, by Flo Rida, featuring T-Pain) I swear I couldn't get off the treadmill if you paid me to. I like to also Box with my arms to the beat.


  10. I gotta a feeling by black eyed peas. Gets me going every time!

  11. The songs that have me singing and moving just a bit faster/more intensely: "What I Like About You" (Romantics), "You Might Think" (the Cars), "Boom Boom Pow" (BEP), Get the Party Started (Pink) & "It's My Life" (BonJovi)

  12. I think Helen and I have the same taste. Bulletproof is on my list, as well as most items by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland has a fantastic 'get movin' beat. Michael Jackson is one that I use a lot of as well.


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