Thursday, February 17, 2011

Off The Beam

Took a hard dive off the beam and into the fridge yesterday. Looks like I don't do well with the negativity that is swirling around me at the office. The constant griping about "the move" and the bitching about this, that or the other just hikes my anxiety level up and yesterday I binged to stop it. I cannot stand five weeks of this. So I've got to come up with a different plan.

Here are some things I can do:

1. Spend less time at my desk by:
a. longer gym sessions
b. not eating at my desk
c. take some vacation hours in the afternoon
d. use this time to visit other people at work
2. Know that other people's issues are not mine by:
a. Repeating the Serenity Prayer
b. keeping my headphones on
3. I will stay away from the office kitchen (I sit right by it)
a. I will close the door between the kitchen and my desk
4. I will plan my day so that it keeps me fully engaged all day.
5. If I want something to eat, I am always able to walk over to the grocery store and have some fruit if I am really hungry. I don't restrict, I only re-direct.
6. I can take a break and step outside with my cell phone and make calls if I feel myself getting sucked into the vortex of whining.
7. Keep repeating the Serenity Prayer

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Re-assess and Re-balance.



  1. I think you are amazing that you can always "step back", "evaluate", "make a plan", "execute the plan". Good luck with work.

  2. I admire you for having a plan in response to falling off the beam. Sometimes I just wallow in regret but don't take this step to figure out how to avoid the next binge.

  3. Great plan. Binges happen, as long as you understand why and then what to do about it.

  4. Sh*t happens and then the binge. Over and done with, you've got a plan. That's all that matters.

  5. Hmmm, work stress and the 'eat me' response, eh? I've got the tee-shirt too at the moment.

    However, like you, I've recognised it, decided it is not a great way to carry on and made plans (which I've started to action) to stop and reverse the trend.

    Re-assessing and re-balancing - one day at a time.

  6. It's a slippery beam sometimes.
    But easy enough to stick a good landing
    right back on to it!

  7. Having a plan certainly helps. Will this "Big Move" allow you to relocate your office away from the kitchen area in the new place? Do you even get a vote?

  8. Thanks for your honesty! When a superstar (and I know you don't think of yourself that way) like you has a day like you did, it helps me know I can be successful without being perfect.

    Great outline - an action plan to cope. Smart gal you are, Roxie.

  9. It sounds like you have an insanely stressful work environment. Excellent plan!


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