Thursday, February 3, 2011

Olives and Fishes

It is Snow Day: Part The Third and I am bored (still). I did venture out on foot yesterday, but everywhere is still a solid sheet of ice. I don't think anything has really melted and I do not want to hurt myself. Bick fell in the parking lot of his motel yesterday when taking the dog out. He's okay, but bruised up a bit.

As is my wont, I keep the larder pretty lean around here. However, I certainly wasn't prepared for the iceman to cometh and take up residence on my sofa. I've been bored and tinkering. Yesterday's cheffing included: muffins. I didn't have any flour, so I put Wheatena into my spice grinder to make some. I made mini-muffins out of that. Ate one. Threw the rest away. I would have been better off to just spread some butter on the pasteboard box it came in and been done with it. Then I got a hankering for something sweet, so I made caramel sauce. It was good, but really, after two big spoonfuls, there's not anywhere else left to go with it, so it went into the trash as well. That little experiment used up all my cream, so I'm now drinking coffee without it. I probably should just keep it that way moving forward. It's not bad. Last night's dinner consisted of an egg-fu yuck pizza - shredded zucchini with chopped green onions, a little egg beaters and some garam masala spice all on a toasted Flat Out bread. It wasn't as bad as it sounds. The eggs are done for. The home-frozen spinach was freezer burnt and inedible. I've made okra soup. I wouldn't recommend it. Hell, this is sounding like a Shel Silverstein book!

So what's left in Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard? Frozen tilapia and a jar of olives. Olives and Fishes. I hope that shit doesn't multiply.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be prepared.



  1. Maybe you should write a book, "Roxie's Storming the Kitchen! or What to Eat When the Power is Rolling."

    Actually the tilapia could be really yummy if you marinated it for a hot minute in some italian dressing, then baked it in the oven with the sliced olives on top.

  2. Ugh - sorry to hear you're mired in cabin fever. I get really loony when I can't get out and about. And my desire to bake, cook and eat goes through the roof. You're temps are 20 degrees colder than ours today - what kind of alternative universe are we living in? Hang in - spring is on its way.

  3. What is it about being stuck at home that brings out the baking/nibbling restlessness? Wishing you a speedy (well, it's too late for that, isn't it?) thaw!

  4. I don't get it. What's the reasoning behind the rolling black outs? How does a little cold use up more electricity than trying to cool down from those 100 degree temps y'all get all summer long?

    How hard have you been biting your tongue re: Bick's frozen pipes? I'm chuckling at that situation quite a bit.

  5. Don't worry about the multiplying.....
    Fish times nothing is still nothing!
    Stay warm!

  6. I'm with Helen - the tilapia could be good!

    Sorry you've got cabin fever. Want to trade places for a few hours? I have three bored teens, a large restless dog, one rambunctious kitten who wants to nose dive into the fireplace and a somewhat grumpy husband. And we're out of milk-bread-eggs-cheese-tangerines. *sigh* How do northerners stand this kind of cold?

  7. Good Lord woman! I read your post and was struggling to find something I'd want to eat. Maybe it's time to set aside your 'sacred storm stash'. Then again, a friend living in Atlanta recently told of ordering pizza delivery on days 3-5 of a 5-day ice/snow 'experience' this winter. Hope you get food/electricity soon, hang in there!

  8. Mercy. I hope things thaw out soon for you. You could drag out the crafting stuff and make something. I'm just sayin'

    Order pizza and pedal like hell.

  9. Helen is right. Olives can be good with fish! Kind of Sicilian style. Just don't add the Wheatena to the mix. Yuck.

    You definitely need to have some new good food. Nothing you've described is very appetizing. :-) Hope the weather improves so you can get out and shop.

  10. I hope you got some more food in the cupboard - I go pretty bare, but you are bare-bonesing it!

  11. Oh butter and cardboard. How many points?
    I hope you get unbored really soon. Do you knit? play chess? clearly cooking isn't giving you what you are looking for.

  12. oooh I vote for what to eat when the power is ROLLING!

    woke up to snow this morning in austin.
    MAYBE an inch?
    methinks things will be shut down for week :)


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