Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pretty Pensive

I did have another ice day yesterday, although it turned out to be much ado about nothing around here. Parts farther north and east weren't as lucky.

I was determined to dedicate this day to self-care and while I did spend some time surfing, I kicked the day off with three hours at the gym, as I know I won't get in my big workout on Saturday. I spent two hours on the elliptical and then an hour on the treadmill. By last night, I was feeling it for sure.

The remainder of the day was spent, in large part, journaling and reading literature. I woke up far too early and had some difficulty pacing my meals out through the day, but I managed. All in all, it was a productive, albeit pensive day. I feel like I can start today with my feet and head firmly planted on the ground. Well, that didn't come out quite right, now did it? Let's just say I am feeling centered and leave it that.

Oh, and I did get my lease situation sorted out. And I am turning back my "rented" washer and dryer. Due to a snafu with the electrical meter getting yanked back out by the city three days after I moved in (not properly permitted, the city said) and it taking about four days for that mess to get all sorted out so that I could move back in - I negotiated the free use of a washer and dryer for what I thought was my stay here. Management feels like it was the first year only. So, okay. I will not pay $480 per year to rent and washer and dryer, so these are going back and I am going out to buy a new set. Which would be fine, except that I expect to buy a house within the next year and given where I want to live, I expect I will have a gas dryer. I thought about just buying a used set, but I am leery of that, if I don't know the provenance. What I've come down to is that I will buy a new electric set. If it turns out that I need a gas dryer in the future, then I'll take the new one out to Reata South to replace the dryer out there and sell that one. I'll then buy myself a new gas dryer. Whew - that's a lot of machinations just to get my clothes dry!

Not much on tap for the day. I've already got my spin on this morning and I'm planning on taking my sister out to lunch today. Tonight I've got a meeting, but I'm going to try to get in a little more Cha-Cha and Trainer Joe time this evening. No plans for Friday, yet. On Saturday, Bick and I have been invited to lunch out at the Poolville Pagans. Talia and I are planning our trip to Nova Scotia in July.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Make good use of your time.



  1. good morning..i'm up early and saying hey. I'm feeling a mite pensive too..bad dreams..but you reminded me about self care. so that is a start today.....I rented to own a used washer dryer (have now owned them for years) --they have lasted me 15 years and are just now being replaced.

  2. I'm telling you, it's the details in some things that can make you crazy! Glad you got your laundry situ straightened out - what a headache.

    Oh, and three hours at the gym??? I bet you are feeling that, all right! Wow.

  3. I think you're smart not to buy a used W&D. I hope you can find a good deal.

    I literally smiled when you said you were gong to Nova Scotia next summer. That was our family's best vacation ever. It's beautiful, tons to do, great seafood, and the people are delightful. I can't wait to hear more of your plans as the time nears.

  4. Those early morning hours are golden.

  5. great job on the 3 hour gym session! great blog, btw. i just started my weight loss journey a few days ago. it's inspiring to read about yours.


  6. How on earth did you do 2 hours on the elliptical? and then 1 hour on the treadmill? I can't fathom doing that many hours and staying in one place :)

  7. whoa.

    thats all I got.
    yesterday? my workout was naught.
    Nice to see your worked out for me.

  8. Roxie, I'm sorry but I just couldn't get past the part where you said that you spent TWO hours on the elliptical? What on earth do you do for two hours that doesn't bore you? I have trouble staying more than thirty minutes on my treadmill so I obviously need some answers!


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