Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day 2: The Blackouts and The Boredom

Pipes busted at Bick's. Apparently outside near the meter. 1. He can't get a plumber out there and 2. if he could, the plumbers that he's spoken with say a fix won't hold in this weather and to 3. Shut the water off at the meter. So he's done that and is packing up the dog and heading for a hotel. I hope that the SuperBowl hotel creep hasn't made it's way up to Lewisville. He'll bunk there for a couple of nights, as it's close to his work. He can bring his dog to the lab during the day. He'll come over here on Friday evening and then Saturday morning we'll head back up to Reata North. He hasn't decided how he wants to proceed with the fixing - whether to call in help or do it himself. He's got the skills, it's the "want to" that's lacking. I can't say as I blame him.

My lease dilemma is improving. Part one is solved to my satisfaction. Part two involves a negotiation from an early electricity snafu from my first week here. Because of the inconvenience, I received the use of a washer and dryer for my stay here. And now they want to charge me for it. I'm sure we can get it worked out. So far, so good.

I am bored spitless. Blackouts are rolling through every couple of hours so I hesitate to even go next door to the movies. That wouldn't be much fun!

Between blackouts, I've been doing some internet shopping. Here's Bick's Valentine's Day card. Here's more from the etsy seller.


  1. Sorry for the boredom. Cute card, since I am newish to your blog, can I ask, who is Bick?

  2. That is a cute card. I found lots of cute ones.

    nice job on the renegotiations. I had to do something similar this week too. When I put them on the Big Girl pants always fit.

    Awfulizing. I so love that word. I so know that word.

    Hope thiings got suddenly exciting. In a good way.

    I hear the wind blowing outside my window. BRRRR!

  3. *sigh* We're bored and chilled out here, too. Thankfully no broken pipes.

    Hang in there!

  4. Blargh. That sounds boring and stressful--not a winning combo! I hope you have some entertaining things to do, and take care!

  5. I can get lost on Etsy for the card you picked out. :)

  6. I love me some etsy and since we've been having bizarre rolling blackouts in tx because of the cold Im almost at the point of SELLING on etsy Ive been crafting so much.

    too bad my crafting, uh, sucks :)

  7. Hope things are improving as I type. Rolling outages are no fun at all!


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