Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Trip Down Memory Lane

Due to the weather, yesterday's dinner became a late lunch. It was just delightful and lasted about four hours! We had a lot of catching up to do and we did it. She is doing well. She's been clean and sober for seven years and is working a sales job that I could never do. And she's bought and paid for a condo in five years while doing it. She basically knocks on doors asking people to change 3l3ctricity companies. Said the pickings are getting slimmer so she is out of town a lot working less-mined territory.

The lunch didn't leave me feeling like I'd over-shared, but as mentioned, there is something freeing about someone who knows everything in lurid detail. And it is very nice to look back and see that for the most part, I've left a lot of the drama in the dust. We thrived on chaos and drama and feeding obsessions back in the day.

And she is still as pretty as ever but the real interesting thing was that I didn't feel the least bit inferior to that. All in all, our time together left me feeling good. We still care very much about each other and there is the potential to renew our relationship as healthier people with a view towards the future and not just because of a connection in the past.

We did walk to the restaurant yesterday. Finally found one that was open. All of that iced-in time I spent telling myself that I could always go downstairs and eat was a pure lie. None of the restaurants were open, but we did find one closer to the stock show and tucked in for lunch. I still haven't had the car out. Yesterday was cold, but the sun shone brightly melting some of the ice, so last night I braved crossing a busy street to make it over to Wendy's for some chili and a half chicken/pecan/blue cheese salad sans dressing. You know, as fast food goes, there are much worse things to be had. I still haven't made it to the grocery store and there is officially nothing edible in this house. Not enough condiments to make Laurie's suggested soup!

I already confessed this to Helen in a comment, but the funniest thing happened the other night. I was stepping out in the hallway to set my trash out and right across the hall was a dozen of the most gorgeous cookies ever! I recognized them from the "welcome wagon" as being a gift to new residents. There was not a soul in the hallway and the neighbors wouldn't even know to expect them and so they certainly wouldn't miss them! And after a diet of fish, olives, okra and cardboard, I was sorely tempted to resort to petty thievery! I think it might have even been entrapment!

Today's plan involves some time on the trainer or a trip to the gym. I'm leaning towards the gym, just to watch some cable tv this morning and see a different set of walls. Obviously, I have to go to the store, but I may just wait until Sunday when I come home from Bick's. Speaking of, he has water now, but may have something going on with a frozen pipe under the sink. When I last spoke to him last night, he was cogitating on how to remedy that situation. Anyway, dinner at Big Al's tonight is canceled, but tomorrow's Conoco run is still on. I don't know what we will do for dinner tonight. Normally we would grill something, but it is still awfully cold to be out there grilling. I'll have to think of something. I want to keep it pretty light and clean because of Sunday's planned comfort/southern/soul food outing.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Having a shared past doesn't a future make.



  1. I'm glad your friend is doing so well and that you were able to reconnect in a comfortable way. I once had a friend like this and when we tried to reconnect a few years ago, she was basically still in the same place and I had...well..grown up. She became very clingy and stalkerish. I didn't have appropriate boundaries and so I ended up cutting it off in a not-so-nice way.

  2. I'm so glad that it worked out, Roxie. Sounds like life is being better to you both these days; I'd certainly call a 4 hour lunch a huge success!

  3. A four-hour lunch is the sign of a "forever friendship." They're not perfect, not even always pretty, but they are lasting.

    I agree, those Wendy's salads aren't half bad.

  4. I am so sorry that you are condom-less...I mean short on condiments that you couldn't make a hearty mustard soup :)
    I am glad you had a nice lunch. Years ago I reconnected with an old friend and we, too, must have sat for four hours and had one of those life changing conversations.

  5. How wonderful that the visit went so well. I hope you end up with a new "old" friend because of it. :)

    Are you over this weather event? We had sunny skies this weekend, and I felt so bad for everyone still having to deal with the ice, etc. - and more is coming? Yikes.

  6. late to this but wanted to chime in that Im glad things worked out as well.

    a four hr lunch? for ME only done with the best of friends.

  7. How funny about the cookies. It would have crossed my mind too that maybe I was on candid camera. :-)

    Glad your lunch was nice and that you have reconnected with your old friend. I have one friend like that who I get together with once a year. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get in touch with her!

  8. You are a better woman than me. I totally would have taken those cookies... or maybe taken a couple. Like you said, they wouldn't have known - lol!


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