Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Update

Continuing the Ironic Hillbilly theme, Bick is a pee-bee-ess contributor and as a reward, we have tickets to see this guy over the weekend. Followed by some Thai food, if all goes as planned. Then I fly to Atlanta on Sunday morning for four days for a conference.

I'll be glad to get away to the conference. I use them almost as little mini-retreats. I tend to do exceptionally well in the eating and exercise department and I could use a little jump start. Last night was a GNO and we went to a Komen Foundation fundraiser thingy and had a great time. I was okay with my food choices - I had a lighter lunch in order to leave some room for the dinner. I didn't leave enough room, but I'm okay with it.

Overall, yesterday went great work-wise. I followed my plan and did not allow myself to get caught up in other's issues. This shared space is temporary, as our current offices are being abated and remodeled. We should be in this configuration for about the next five weeks. Luckily I will be in Atlanta for most of next week and then in mid-March, I will be off to Seattle (Hi! Grace and Diana).

My willingness to exercise has been nil, however. I'll need to ease my way back into that. I haven't seen the gym all week - which adversely affects my anxiety level and I KNOW this. I will figure something out - I'm bringing a pair of tennis shoes to the office, so even if I won't go to the gym, I can put on my shoes and go out for a walk in this beautiful weather and let Mother Nature do her magic on me.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be handy.


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  1. Missing your posts, Roxie. Hope you're having a great Atlanta time and that your weekend was a fun one. Return safe!


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