Monday, February 28, 2011

Window Boxes

I got my garden in this weekend. When all you've got is a window box, it takes all of about 15 minutes! I pulled out my froze-back pansies and added some basil and dill to the surviving rosemary. I also added a few purple petunias for color, but they will go as soon as some more herbs become available. One of the added benefits of The Closet is that my "kitchen garden" is readily accessible and I will throw some fresh herbs into just about anything. The picture is not mine, of course. I always forget to take pictures.

While the weather was warm (perhaps too warm) it was very, very windy this weekend, plus the big foot races were swirling around the area that I live, so I did not get out on Cha-Cha on Saturday. I do need to get an old-fashioned foot pump, as I'd just not facile with my frame pump. Clementine needs a bit of a pump up. And I think I can start sneaking some rides in after work.

Today marks the end of February and the end of my love letters to me experiment. I think I gained some things from it. Mostly as a centering contemplative exercise and a way of setting a positive state of mind. As the old saying goes, "we are just as happy as we make up our minds to be". The older I get, the more work I do, the truer I believe that sentiment to be.

And speaking of work, it's time to hop back on the bus, I think. I just paid a ridiculous amount of money for a tank of gas. I have the bus option and it's just silly of me not to use it. I'll have to adjust my morning routine a skosh, as if I was to try to catch the bus, I should be scrambling out the door right now instead of sitting in my recliner in my bathrobe and drinking coffee. Taking the bus, getting on the ground is good for me and I need to do more of it. There is a goal in the making for March!

I'm wavering between TNT class and elliptical time at lunch today. I'll chose something. Then after work it's off to my favorite independent hardware store to buy a foot pump. I'm having dinner with Barbie on Tuesday (she cancelled last night, work obligations) and then on Friday, another GNO - one of those group art class things. Should be fun.

Food has been spot on. I've dropped the travel bloat and am feeling much more normal. As usual, it takes about three days.

I'm putting together a symposium for a regional group that will take place in April and that is keeping me hopping. Planning the program, corralling speakers, getting facilities and food. I shall be the hostess with the mostess. Me and my crazy ideas. This one is all self-inflicted.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Plan(t) something.



  1. Spring must indeed be coming if I'm reading about planting already. Thank you for that lift - it's just what I needed.
    Gasoline here is $3.50 per gallon and I'm just shy of hitching my way to work myself. Have a great work week :)

  2. I can't wait to get into the garden! You've given me a serious case of spring fever, which I already had. This Saturday starts the Philadelphia Flower Show, the oldest and most prestigious in the country and always an extravaganza of natural beauty and floral intoxication. Not to mention inspiration!!

    I'm getting ready to start walking to work myself. It'll mean changing up my morning meeting on occasion, but the exercise, fresh air and NOT using gas are strong incentives.

  3. You are so lucky to be able to start your window box this early! I'm afraid my herbs would still freeze, even in the window.

    Gas is up to $3.59 a gallon around here. I've cut out all the driving I can at this point so now I just have to suck it up. And boy, does it suck!

  4. I have planted some little seedlings. I should do some herbs this year. I always forget and then buy the plants later on.

    Sounds like you have a busy March on tap already!

  5. I love that it's time to plant. I saw treese getting leaf buds on them. Signs of spring for sure.

    Gas prices are ridiculous!

  6. I just paid $3.79! Yikes!!

    I don't have a window box but I have planted a few flowers lately and it makes me want spring to come right NOW!

  7. I need a garden too. Alas the weather can't seem to make up its mind - not that the weather can control itself.

    I paid 379 for gas just yesterday but before long it will be 4 bucks for sure. I can't use the bus because they don't run in the mountains. If I lived in town I'd use it but then that's what they all say.

    Planning the program thing sounds like fun and a lesson. Yay. Can hardly beat that.

  8. Plant it - they'll come!
    Looks great!

  9. I love the quaint look of window boxes, and also enjoy the herb that can be grown in them.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, I'm still in Florida and without my scale. I will share the results of two weeks of moderate meals and no scale when I get home after two weeks. I'm beginning to think that my morning (and afternoon, evening, etc.) weigh ins may set the tone for what I will eat during that day in a way that is counterproductive to weight loss. Time will tell.


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